The Smiling Dutchman

Tailor-made Dutch language courses

Smiling Dutchman language courses in a nutshell:

- always available for questions, advice and help; even outside the classroom

- personal interview to customise the course to your needs

- flexibility for busy professionals, rescheduling is not a problem

- group courses, private courses, intensive courses, in-company training

- friendly learning environment in which each student can thrive

- preparation for the naturalisation exam and NT2 exam

- wide range of experience in teaching the Dutch language to expats

- certificates available upon successful completion of a course

Adora Light

The Smiling Dutchman has a wide range of experience in teaching the Dutch language to expats. More information on his teaching methods can be found on this website.

Adora Light

Many people from different backgrounds, working for a variety of international companies have written testimonials for the Smiling Dutchman.

Latest news:

Sign-up for summer courses, beginner's courses and intermediate courses has started

Free trial lesson on request! Use the contact form for more information about dates and prices

Language Course Information

The group courses in The Hague will take place in the office at the Wassenaarseweg or at another classroom in the neighbourhood. New beginner's courses will start when 4 or more people sign up. If enough people sign up, Intermediate courses will be scheduled as well.

The group courses in Wassenaar will take place at the American School, in the Adult Education Programme. Here, you can choose between a morning and an evening course

The Smiling Dutchman is specialised in working with busy professionals and he is one of the few language teachers that offers you support outside the classroom. You cannot learn a language only by sitting in the classroom and absorbing knowledge. Therefore, you can contact your language teacher outside the classroom through telephone or e-mail for all of your questions and remarks. This way, you do not have to wait for the next lesson, but you can move on! Furthermore, field trips are organized, as it is of a high importance to learn a language at the location where it will be used and to conduct further practice there. There will be get-togethers as well, in order to enhance the method's social aspect and speak Dutch in a relaxed atmosphere.

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